Whole 30

I just found a food challenge on someone else's blog that, for once, looks interesting to me. Maybe signing up for something with a large following (which contributes support and - more importantly - tips and recipes) will keep me on this d@mned bandwagon. Maybe a full-coloured banner in my sidebar will intrigue others to join up so we can support each other. I've GOT to kick the yeasties to the curb, and that means NO grains, NO starch, NO milk. A year ago I would have given them up in the reverse order, but these days I love my SOLE cheese. What's stopping you from giving the Whole 30 diet re-boot a go?

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  1. Good luck with the Whole30! It is great to have a community trying to give these food changes a go! Thanks for linking me. :)
    The Crunchy Pickle