Chard, Pumpkin and White Bean Soup

Perhaps I'm a backwards cook - I see a lot of menu plans on blogs and sites, but rather than start with a wish list and shop for it I work from what's available, what called to me in the produce aisle, what appeared in my weekly veggie box delivery, and develop the meals from that. Google is my friend in this too, offering up recipes and flavour combinations for the most seemingly random crisper contents.


Link Roundup 23.12.11

Clearly I'm not too focussed on blogging lately. I suspect that most people aren't too focussed on blog reading right now either, so hopefully I'll be forgiven for failure to post. I have, incredibly, only three tabs are open in my browser as I prepare to shut down for a holiday hiatus, and I think they say a lot about how I spend my on-line time at the moment:


Link Roundup 08.12.11

Yeah, I haven't blogged in ages. I'm distracted by life, and not finding time in which to work on personal projects without interruption or nagging from my superego. That's not to say that I've stopped surfing or thinking about the fun stuff that turns up, just that I haven't had time to mentally digest it and regurgitate it as a post or three. My stats are shrivelling, the visitors graph wilting, yet I'm still distracted and time-poor, so here are the undigested tabs that have been open in my browser for so long that I want them to go away (but don't want to lose their contents to the endless flow of the internet's inforiver):