Banana Ice Cream (almost wordless tutorial)

This recipe is not mine, I got it from the always-inspiring Mummy I Can Cook! recently. Unlike the original, my bananas did not come from a tree in my backyard but rather a grocery-bag-for-a-euro deal at the market. In future iterations (and I will be doing this again), I will quarter the bananas lengthwise before slicing to make it easier on my blender.


What We Are Not Eating

It's not just about recipe successes; we all know that there's a lot of good-enough cooking going on at suppertime, and some that doesn't even make that cut. Here's some of mine from those pathetic categories to add to the sole in walnut crust.


What We've Been Eating

Do you ever wonder whether people who blog about food actually eat how they say they eat? I can promise that we don't eat as these pictures show every day, but it is a very rare evening that we don't sit down together to eat, and that means a proper meal one way or the other. On Tuesday, faced with a cabin-fevered child and a forecast of good weather to end soon, I packed a picnic and decamped to the lake for the evening. The only thing made by me at that meal was an improvised spinach-artichoke dip leftover from a barbecue party the previous weekend, but everything else in the basket was a "real food", with three ingredients or less (and most with none). We ate it in shifts, but we were all there.

As promised, the weather has turned again and there'll be no more lakeside picnics for a while. Tonight will be my favourite high-return/low-input meal: roast chicken. But promises of future foods are less revealing than pictures of past foods, right?


Molesque Stew

Habaneros showed up in my grocery store this weekend. Exactly what thought process put them in my basket I'll never know, but now I've got 7 extremely spicy little peppers to deal with. Enter Google.


Webinar notes: Dr. Sara Gottfried with Dr. Alejandro Junger

On Monday I got a message from Lisa Byrne's The Ripple entitled "This is why it's hard for you to ask for help". I can recommend Lisa's newsletter and blog content in and of itself, but of particular note that day was this notice, below her text about the "specific reasons why [and] specific steps we need to take in order to strengthen our "receiving" muscles":

I clicked. I never click, but this time I did.