Just to clarify

I've had a few people contact me privately to say that they were unable to comment on a blog post here. That is frustrating for the reader and discouraging for me, because I won't know that you even stopped by. Turns out, I couldn't comment - or reply to comments - either, so I did a bit of Googling and may have a solution. Let me know.

There's something else that needs clarifying around here: butter. For the longest time I wondered why so many videos and tutorials existed on how to make ghee, since I was making it with no trouble. Turns out I wasn't.


Get up, stand up

There’s this thought that I saw first out of the corner of my mind’s eye that has now grown to the point that it’s drawn itself up directly in front of me. I have to crane my neck to see past it. I’m getting a bit of a crick, so I’ve decided to look it in the eye and stare it down.