It's been freezing and horrible for weeks, as of this morning the heat is not working, I'm feeling lousy and it's a midweek holiday. What to do? Bake!


Link Roundup 06/02/12 - salvaging the most common New Year's resolution

I'm working on some meaty research posts, but these tabs keep choking up my browser. They're valid, they're just not making my life easier where they currently are, so you get them!


Quick Thoughts on Vitamins D and K

Do you bruise easily? Did you suffer from "shin splint" bone pain as an adolescent? Were you or your children born by caesarian section due to cephalopelvic disproportion (baby's head too big for mother's pelvis)? Trying to conceive (maybe having trouble)? Are you dark-skinned and diabetic? At risk for osteoporosis or hardened arteries? Get your vitamin D levels checked.