Real Values

It's funny, isn't it, how themes sort of pop up like spring grass across vast prairies of thought. I have serendipitously encountered quite a few bloggers wrestling with the question of what is real to them. This is not an esoteric, 'do I exist if I leave the room' sort of enquiry, but rather an examination of value. More to the point, a re-examination, against cultural norms, of how value is defined. It's meaty stuff for the blogosphere. It speaks to what it means to be a reflective, deliberate adult and, as such, I find it essential, often neglected, and stimulating to observe. It's the kind of thing that inevitably (and I mean that literally, not the "usually/sometimes" meaning that seems common these days) forces a comparison to one's own values or the state of that enquiry on the home front. And that, to me, is an amazing benefit of blogging: universal human concepts shared across time and distance with a feeling of both immediacy and anonymity.