What We Are Not Eating

It's not just about recipe successes; we all know that there's a lot of good-enough cooking going on at suppertime, and some that doesn't even make that cut. Here's some of mine from those pathetic categories to add to the sole in walnut crust.

Here's a gorgeous-looking roasted pork belly, glazed in maple syrup, ghee and salt. Unfortunately it had been in the fridge rather longer than I thought. We had leftovers that night.

Stinking E-numbers! I love my chai concentrate, and I've been having a hungry patch lately so having a quick, high-fat snack around is a good idea. Unfortunately I was not in charge of procuring the coconut milk last time, and the brand that appeared in my pantry contained a thickener and a stabilisor. I forged ahead. Perhaps stabilisors become unstable when heated? That would be ironic. Check out the stratification! I haven't been brave enough to try this yet (despite still being hungry); if you have any insight into its safety as a food, please comment!
That was yesterday; today was much warmer. I noticed this:
I hate to waste food, but this is creeping me out!

Timing is everything. I promised a small person that we would make cookies before the doctor's appointment; she slept late but remembered the promise. I hoped that shutting off the oven but keeping the door closed would be enough ambient heat to dry out the maccaroons while we were gone. No such luck. They tasted fine, but stuck to fingers, lips, teeth. Based on their short lifespan though, I'm not sure if they're a fail or not! (Note: the linked recipe calls for maple syrup as a sweetener, but I found it too liquid.)

What are some of your food fails?

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