Link Roundup 08.12.11

Yeah, I haven't blogged in ages. I'm distracted by life, and not finding time in which to work on personal projects without interruption or nagging from my superego. That's not to say that I've stopped surfing or thinking about the fun stuff that turns up, just that I haven't had time to mentally digest it and regurgitate it as a post or three. My stats are shrivelling, the visitors graph wilting, yet I'm still distracted and time-poor, so here are the undigested tabs that have been open in my browser for so long that I want them to go away (but don't want to lose their contents to the endless flow of the internet's inforiver):

The life of an immigrant in Oregon, by his advocate. Poignant and frustrating.

One-week menu with linked recipes for those trying to conceive (or just eat Real Food) at Naturally Knocked Up

The arguments for and against locavorism.

An infographic on the US food industry.

A new-to-me, make-aheadable and paleofyable recipe for fish. That it also includes a recipe for beet and horseradish relish, which is a flavour combination we enjoy, is a bonus.

The Food Blog Code of Ethics, which could really be applied to any kind of blog.

Why those studies that "prove" something probably don't.

When the tiredness doesn't go away.

The recipe you'll need before those dancing fairies show up.

Possibly the report on a major project I worked on. Nice that they notified me that it was publically-available, huh?

What to do with the brand new, still silver, cast iron pan I just bought for 3 bucks at a second hand shop, so it stops filling the house with the smell of burning plastic when heated.

Early days and significant success on treating bowel issues with a paleo lifestyle protocol.

Another angle to consider as I zero in on what the %&@! my lab results really indicate: high fat diets and low thyroid function may be antagonistic.

A classic post on some of the struggles people can have after going paleo, with a raging comments section.

And, finally, three abstracts on the relationship between pregnancy, childbirth and thyroid crashes.

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  1. Love your round-up! (and should have made this comment DAYS ago - sorry)