Fried Banana Fondue

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posting to bring you what some Paleo Hacks hack disparagingly referred  to as a "what I just ate for dinner" post. To be more accurate, this is a what we ate after dinner post, since no one in their right mind would feed a 2yo bananas and chocolate before getting something "real" into them, right? (I guess it depends on what kind of day it was. And this is super-delicious and home made. I promise not to judge.)

So, yeah; bone broth from ruminants will have to wait.
There are no photos because who wants to sit around taking pictures when luscious dessert is cooling in front of your eyes? And honestly, this is more likely to win the congeniality rather than beauty prize.

  • Heat up a pan with a good scoop of ghee and a good scoop of coconut oil. We are shallow frying, so don't skimp.
  • Slice bananas into coins. I used three and that was just enough to fill my pan in one layer.
  • Fry banana slices in hot oil until the underside is puffed up and brown, then gently flip with tongs and repeat on the other side. The pre-fried parts will be very soft and sticky, so choose your tongs wisely and go slow. Remove slices to a plate as they reach your desired level of brownness; there is no such thing as too brown, (unless they're burnt,) it's just a question of how much sweet soft goo you want and how much sticky, chewy-fried yumminess.
  • Once all fruit is out of the pan, take it off the heat and add plain powdered cacao (I'd guess 3T) and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. Stir to eliminate lumps.I had an open container of coconut milk in the fridge, so I scooped out 3 good spoonfuls of the top fat and added that before sweetening with maple syrup. The syrup split the chocolate, so if anyone knows how to avoid that, please comment. I wondered if it was too much liquid and honey would have been better. 
  • I put the pan back on the off-but-still-hot burner to warm through again while I got down a bowl.
  • Serve the chocolate fondue in a straight-sided bowl amidst the gooey, sticky, crispy banana slices. Be sated. Lick the bowl anyway.
If you can have whipped cream, or have a good substitute, (remember I've used my coconut cream in the fondue) the cold smoothness would be an excellent addition to the presentation.


  1. This followed a dinner of tomato/chicken stock/white wine-based seafood soup, including mussles, shrimp, salmon leftovers, garlic and onion, shredded carrot, slivered leek, wilted shredded lettuce (what can I say? I'm that frugal) and spinach.
    See? the kid got "real" food first!

  2. This sounds delish. I've most certainly been known to feed my kid dessert first because once he's had a taste of it...he eats his dinner up in no time flat. :)

    We are going to be trying kid will think he's died and gone to heaven. :)

  3. Just ran accross your blog, I like it.

    I think if you blended it, it would make an emulsion and be less prone to breaking. Either a stick blender or regular would work. I usually do something similar with warm maple syrup and cinnamon and cold butter for my coconut flour pancakes makes a thick homogonous buttery syrup. I've also used just heated blueberries and butter, yum.

    This sounds great with the chocolate component, thanks.

    1. Thanks Mariah, and welcome! That sounds like a great idea for syrup - I'll keep it in mind for next time we make pancakes.