Recipe Roundup 5.11.11

Here's a reverse food blog carnival: all the tabs with recipes I've had open on my desktop for ages.

How long has it been since I last had crackers? Probably 6 months. So then this recipe for primal-friendly cheddar chive crackers showed up in my inbox and I uncharacteristically sallied forth and bought ingredients just to make them. The first try wasn't an outstanding success, but that was my fault (see my comments on the recipe) and I'll give it another go.

Mark my words, these brownies will be baked and devoured before the weekend is out.

If I can get organised tomorrow night or Sunday, I should be able to wash the salt off the only macadamias I could find and cross this delicious-looking paleo cereal with slow-cooker oatmeal technique to produce a warm breakfast all three of us can eat.

We had these ribs last week. Perhaps it's misleading to call them ribs though, because I used pork belly (suuuper cheap and loaded with cartiledge for joint support) and shredded the meat before serving over mashed celeriac. I also added raisins to the stewing meat, but that's optional. Try them. You MUST try them.

That is all. For now.

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