Whole 30 Day 3

I saw in the Saturday flyer avalanche that a grocery store I don't usually frequent will have piglet belly this week. Intriguing. Then I stumbled over this post about brining your own uncured bacon. Serendipity is a funny thing; now I have to go get some of that piglet belly to try this out! I`ve missed bacon since leaving Anglo culture - there are more than enough pork alternatives in Germany, of course, but food is a primal thing and I was raised with bacon, not schnitzel.

Something else pig-based that I'm planning to try are these breakfast patties, and this alternative. Easy as they may be, eggs just aren't holding me long enough (see remarks, below).

I will list what I've eaten, since this IS a challenge and writing it down keeps me on track, but wasting using naptime to click around the blogosphere today, I came across this post that I think deserves reposting. Why do I blog? Well, I'm social and verbose and living in a foreign language and culture, which frustrates both. I read a lot and like to share what I find and would love to have like minds answer. And perhaps, if I use this blog to discuss (rage about?) some of the more contentious topics close to my heart - sexual health and reproductive rights, what living well means knowing others don't, adoption, alternative nutrition, thoughtful parenting - I'll be a little more fun at dinner parties.

February 20, dinner: coconut curry soup with all the leftover vegetables, over rice. Rice is not W30 legal, but I ate less than 1/4 cup, and complaining when soemone else puts hot food in front of you is even less advisable than cheating.

Feb. 21 breakfast: hot water and lemon (I remembered to take my "medicine" today!) then, 45 minutes later, three eggs fried in coconut oil and ghee; blueberries.

Lunch: leftover cabbage/beet/fish stuff; frozen raspberries; last few blueberries; mussels in olive oil. Your standard fridge raid.
Tasks: set out ingredients for "dragon-lady soup", take out fish to thaw.

Remarks: Total hunger crash on the preschool pick-up run. Quick grocery shop on the way home (using up ALL the veg on Sunday is nice, but that leaves nothing for Monday night before the 8pm CSA delivery). Did I want to cheat? *Deep breathing through flared nostrils and long pause* YES. What did I grab while pushing the midget and groceries home? A carrot. Just enough to get my vision back, unfortunately not enough to promote gentle parenting.

While dragon-lady soup is delicious, (named after Clint Eastwood's neighbour in Gran Torino,) it's still a broth-based soup. I'm worried that without some added starch all the carrots, spring onions and seafood in the world won't keep me going through 3 hours of langauage school tonight. Let's see.

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