Whole 30 Day 1

My blogging time is while A is sleeping after lunch, so all daily menus will be dinner-breakfast-lunch. As Cheeseslave recently pointed out, families don't tend to appreciate it when dinner is held/cooled off so photos can be taken. I also don't want to be judged on my presentation, so you'll have to imagine what it all looks like!

Feb 18, dinner: pan-fried Zander fish sticks coated in egg, horseradish and parsley; savoy cabbage sauteed with cured venison and speck in tallow; roasted beets*, onions and garlic tossed in balsamic vinegar, tarragon, olive oil and sea salt.
Tasks: allow fish heads from the market to sit in water with some vinegar while we eat, cook while the dishwasher runs, filter broth and pack before bed. I thought cooked fish eyes were evil-looking, but then I knocked a cornea out while stirring - shudder.

Feb 19, breakfast: three eggs fried in butter and 6 soaked almonds.
Tasks: I'm not supposed to have butter right now; put 250g in the oven to clarify beside the drying almonds. Filter whey from milk left out for 2 days. Not too sure if I've succeeded this time - it looks like I've made rubber and skim milk.

Lunch: chicken livers fried in schmaltz with more of the cured venison, red onion rings and garlic; shredded fresh sauerkraut and carrot salad with caraway seeds; unsweetened chai with coconut milk.
Tasks: filter ghee; pack almonds; wash, schmaltz and salt tonight's chicken and get it in a 135°C/275 °F oven for 3 hours, à la Nourished Kitchen.

*Not W30/GAPS legal. We get a local, organic veggie box every Monday. The contents are based on what's available so, unless I cancel for the month, I'll have to roll with whatever's in the crisper just as I always have. What I made was inspired by the linked post at Mummy, I Can Cook!

Report: I'm cranky and have a sore throat, achy back and itchy eyes. I don't know if this is specifically due to a little person waking up three times last night and then partying in our bed at 7am when we were trying to sleep in, diet changes, other factors, or if I'm legitimately getting sick. Any way you slice it, I'm finishing up my warm chai and taking a magazine to bed!


  1. I hope you feel better. Those first few weeks on the GAPS diet can be really hard because of die-off. Crankiness was my number one problem. Why wouldn't the beets be GAPS-legal? I think they are. (Check out this handy reference chart:

  2. Thanks Sarah. You're right - I've check all three versions of "my diet" and they all allow beets. I'm getting a little over-militant about sugars, I guess :)