Whole 30 Day 4

I'm curious to know if I'm having die-off symptoms or if I'm just training to be an old fart, but man am I noticing a smorgasbord of symptoms!

February 21, Supper: leftover curry soup with rice before school (soup I cooked wasn't ready in time); one tangerine and a cup of herbal tea at school; newly leftover dragon-lady soup after school.

February 22, Breakfast: 2 fried eggs. It would have been 4 but a small person showed up and demanded a fork. 1/4 cup of defrosted raspberries.

Lunch: pork patties; spinach and spring onion (+S&P) sauteed in grease from pork patties.
Tasks: form the rest of the patties and freeze for later breakfasts.

Snack: raw carrot; rose hip tea.

Remarks: The patties were far more flavourful than I usually make; I can imagine they'd fire the taste buds right up first thing in the morning! I'm not in love with them, but I have to confess that I put in 1/4 tsp turmeric before I discovered my translation error (it was not a good addition to the mix) and my coriander is in whole seeds which I didn't bother to powder (leaving too-strong pockets of spice as you eat). I'll give these another go, maybe using half pork and half turkey. The possibility of another protein source that's breakfast-easy is alluring.

So now the symptoms, and some surious connections between them.
  1. When I was pregnant I complained to my husband and doctors that my butt hurt. Needless to say, they took this less than seriously. I suspect that the pressure and added weight pushed a slightly misaligned hip joint into a new position which pinches something, leaving a streak of discomfort from my buttock down the back of my thigh. They don't "do" chiropractic here, and 8 rounds of physiotherapy didn't find the source. My ND took 3 minutes to find it, and gave me a simple exercise to do whenever it bothered me, and I can certainly feel it click back into place when I do. In the last three days the streak has reappeared, persisted, and extended itself all the way down to my ankle. Even when I'm lying in bed.
  2. Long before I ever became pregnant I had a desk job at which I worked slightly excessive hours. At some point I developed an odd sensation in the back of my right wrist. It wasn't pain; it felt like the swelling part of a sprain without the sprain. I was prescribed a splint to use whenever I was at my desk. Very Borg-chic. Oddly enough, this went away when I changed countries and significantly increased my working hours, as well as switching to a laptop full-time. Despite no changes whatsoever in my activities or (terrible) laptop posture since moving here, this fuzzy feeling has also reappeared in the last 2 weeks or so.
  3. One of the concerns I had when I saw the ND that one and so-far-only time was my thyroid function, which had just been diagnosed as low. (I may blog about that "diagnosis" later.) The main thing was the itchy head, but there was more that tipped me over to finally make an appointment.
Today's web trawling has turned up a connection between all of the above. (The sources are so far not stellar, but I will be pursuing this thread of information. If I find anything more I'll post a follow-up.)

My itchy head seems to be caused by a fungal overload, although that view is controversial. Candida and hypothyroidism are often correlated; adrenal fatigue is implicated. One could hypothesize that my two areas of swelling have similar ultimate causes, such as the systemic inflammation caused by Candida. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome are often found to have sub-clinical hypothyroidism (identified by using a broader spectrum of tests than the usual Thyroid Stimulating Hormone [TSH] level check alone) according to this source and this one.

So where's the chicken, and how to crack this egg?

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  1. Your strange symptoms sure sound like die-off to me. I was amazed that pretty much any weird symptoms I had over the previous years reared their ugly heads at some point during the die-off: joint pain, irritability, mild flu-ishness, restless legs (which I only ever had during pregnancy), etc. Hang in there!