What We've Been Eating

Sometimes I forget to photograph tasty things. Sometimes the tastiest things aren't photogenic. Sometimes we're hungry and don't want to wait for photos. But more often than I realise, the food was fine, the photos are passable, but I just forget to post them. So here are a few of the meals we've had in the last while, in case it lends you a little inspiration.

Lamb bratwurst with rosemary and fig, and brussel sprouts and chestnuts with red wine glaze

Baked chicken legs on ratatouille

Herb and butter pikeperch (zander) with Russian salad (beet, egg, new potato, dill, quark)

Fastest supper ever: spinach shrimp frittata. Pucks of chopped spinach out of a freezer bag, cocktail shrimp, leek or onion, eggs.

Marrow dumpling soup (Markklösschensuppe) in homemade beef broth. Marrow and meat mixed with parsely, egg, nutmeg, S&P and coconut flour and poached in vegetable soup.

Over-reduction sauce. On a side note, how awesome is my new porcelain pan?! Does anyone know any reason I shouldn't be completely in love with its non-stick and non-noxiousness?

Meatballs (mixed beef & pork, pureed beets, egg, rice, S&P, cayenne, caraway, cinnamon, sage) in leftover slowcooker rib sauce, on salad.
My child and I also made GAPS/paleo orange and cranberry muffins this morning. The smell of them baking was divine! I've had to freeze half to have any for school snacks next week. Due only to availability, I subbed blood oranges and red currants: the juice of half a blood orange and the zest of 2 whole ones, then reduced the eggs by 2 whites to compensate for the extra liquid.

Here's a tip: if you measure the fats before the honey, the latter won't stick to the measuring cup.

If you've never baked with coconut flour, be advised that it's dense, absorbent (3x moreso than wheat), and high in both fiber and protein. The batter will seem thin at first but give it a minute. The muffins will be small and eating too many at once may have undesirable digestive consequences. However if you can't bake with regular flour, and don't want to avoid baked goods permanently, you just have to think of coconut baking as a whole other food type (like peaches and canned peaches - totally different foods, right?) with entirely different recipes and then it's great. I've done these with pumpkin and chocolate chips, or apples and spice, and any of them make great grab-and-go breakfasts.

As do these scotch eggs. A bit fiddly in the prep but worth it first thing in the morning for the next week. You'll need 125g of meat per egg and even then the meat often splits during cooking. No matter, just a note.

What's been going on in your kitchen lately?

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