New Year's Eve Feast

Our New Year's celebrations occurred at 8:30pm, when we could all take part. There was a slight revival at midnight to watch a surprisingly good fireworks display from our bedroom window, but we felt that the celebration of the years past and future had enough meaning to survive the slip in protocol. There was, of course, a fitting feast to accompany the occasion.

Homemade grain-free blinis delivered salmon roe, with crème fraiche for those who do dairy
Paté and beet/horseradish spread were alternatives to the caviar. Not shown here is the apple/pear butter that livens up the paté beautifully
Smoked salmon salad with herbs anchors sliced eggs to pumpernickel rounds
The final tray, with Cremant d'Alsace and dark chocolate

How did you celebrate? When did you celebrate? Most importantly, has anyone found a paleo-approved delivery system for pate? Lettuce isn't cutting it!


  1. Ok... so while we disagree on what we choose to eat (though I think we do agree on the concept of "if it works for you"), I am intrigued by the idea of grain free blinis... email me the recipe?? Thanks!!

  2. hmmm, and maybe the beet/horseradish spread (if it's veg or can be veg) :)

  3. Melissa, I started from Nigella Lawson's recipe - essentially potato flour, regular flour, egg, buttermilk, leavener and a little butter - and subbed mashed spuds, coconut flour and coconut milk for the usual versions. There's no real recipe, sorry!
    (Note: they absolutely require a non-stick pan!)

    The beetroot spread is dead easy: cooked beets, prepared horseradish, mayo or quark to get the consistency you want. I often add dill. If all you can get is fresh horseradish, you could probably grate it finely and forge ahead as usual, using a little more mayo/yogurt. We use it often on zucchini pancakes (just egg, grated zukes and garlic) with smoked salmon - do you eat fish? - or poached eggs. Makes a nice dressing for cold potato and egg salad.

    We eat a lot of eggs :)