Link Roundup 11.01.12 - videos

This film shows a big chunk of why we never want to move to the 'States, and why I'm even hesitant to move home to Canada with a young daughter in tow.

Yeah, I'm a bit behind on the I, Caveman thing. What surprised me (although it shouldn't have) is how unprepared a lot of those people were ("what do cattails look like?", "can't they just sneak me a cracker?") and how surprised the narrator sounds when he says that modern man could possibly hack it as cavemen. Um, WE ARE CAVEMEN! It drives me nuts to see, at every archeological site with a visitor's centre, comments about how aMAZing it is that "primitives" could do X, Y or Z. They are us. We are them. Whatever you and nine of your best friends could do with some planning, skills, a sharp stick and fire is what paleolithic people could do too. 'Cept they probably did it fifty times better because they had way more planning and skills and relevant culture and community. That group seemed to have a culture of laying around and a community fixation on ways to escape rather than survive. Geez.

Right, time to shake the seriousness out after that.


  1. I was amused that the guy who's profession was listed as 'hunter' left, because he couldn't hack it - he was only a hunter when he had a gun in his hand... (!)How brave
    He wanted to shag his girlfriend and eat a cheeseburger... what a loser

  2. I'm still smiling at the shake the sillies out :-)... and I nearly didn't watch the Miss Representation clip, because of the opening scene... but WOW, I'm glad I did!
    It makes me want to weep for all the girls.
    I remember the comments about Condoleza Rice's 'dominatrix' outfit; about Hilary Clinton looking haggard (dear God - if Heidi Klum was doing Hilary's job - SHE would look haggard too)
    You find some great, thought provoking stuff.
    Your daughter will be fine, because she will grow up in a home where her mom is aware of such things and will celebrate her achievements, whatever they are.... and who will probably (?) limit the amount of exposure she has to the media...??? XXXOOO

  3. You know, paleo is like feminism (or post-modernism, or marxism - can you tell I focussed on the social sciences at uni?): once you've figured out how to analyse the world through that schema, you can't *not* do it.

    I'm struggling with my daughter's fixation on princesses and long dresses and "making herself pretty" and how to respond in a constructive, expandable way. I can't imagine what it would be like if I were also dealing with what another mommy blogger called the "firehose of popular culture".