Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

Late last week we had a total temperature crash here; we went from beautiful late summer weather to horrible, wet, windy and cold literally overnight. Fortunately sunshine has returned to our days now, though the frost has come and I hear we're in for a snowsuit Halloween (if only we had Halloween here!). This is just the soup to warm you from the inside on a wet day, bringing nourishing fats and aromatics together in a bowl of sunshine.

Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

1. Assemble your ingredients: coconut milk, sweet potato, carrots, garlic, ginger. Not shown are onions and ghee. While making Autumn Muffins the day before, I pre-roasted the sweet potato. If you skip this step, just grate it as you do the carrots, and be prepared for the cooking time to stretch a bit.                                                          

2. Peel, chop and grate. There's my baggie of fish stock cubes, of which I used 6 (3/4 c?) but chicken would work too. Confession: I used pre-chopped garlic and onion from the supermarket freezer section.

3. Start the ghee, onions and garlic in your pot. Bacon (or speck) could be chopped and added too. Add the veg, ginger and stock and S&P. Open the coconut milk and scoop off as much thick cream as you can, then add 350 to 400mL of the "skimmed" milk to the pot.

This made a VERY thick, rich soup. One of these bowls was plenty for an adult. If you add more stock or water you'll get a soupier result.

4. When it's all cooked blend it smooth, taste for seasonings and serve with a swirl of the reserved cream.


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  1. Lauren! It's so nice to meet you. And your a food blogger, woo-hoo! I tell you I love to cook but I never know what to make, I'm going to be hanging out here looking around for a while. Thank you for my birthday wishes.

  2. You haven't been around for a while - are you ok??

  3. Lauren the soup is delicious!

    My goal for this winter was to learn more about cooking soups and so far you have been a great help.

    Thank you!

  4. Glad you liked it, Samson! (Did you use some of your famous chicken stock for it?) Soups are great: stock, vegetables, a little fat. Wait. Blend. Eat. You can't go wrong!

    (Your goal can be either is OR was, since you've already learned something towards it, so that's "more", but you're continuing to learn, so the goal remains. Both are correct. :) )

  5. i know but what i meant to say is. that my goal is to learn more.

    I am not done. Just got another chicken. tomorrow is broth day. :)

    I need to check out the organic butcher i found to get some beef for a different kind of stock.

    Of course i used the chicken stock!