Baked Salmon

Sometimes it's just this easy.

Whole Alaskan salmon, from frozen:     3,90 Euros
1/2 pkg dill, 1/2 pkg parsley, frozen:     0,69
1-2 Tbsp (clarified) butter                      0,30?
Mixed salad: probably                           4,50 all up.

Stuff herbs B into cavity A.
Dot fish with butter. Package in tinfoil.
Bake 25 minutes @  175C
Prep salad and dress in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

 This fed three people. Remaining salad and the last fish filet as lunch leftovers lowered the cost per serving even further.

So you can't tell me that eating real, paleo food is expensive or complicated.

This post is part of Pennywise Platter Thursday at The Nourishing Gourmet and Fresh Bites Friday at Real Food Whole Health.

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