Obey Your Mother

Dr. Masterjohn just put me out of blogging business with this post about the different justifications for the ancestral health dietary template and why they don't matter.

I'm sure I'll find other things to muse about but, until then, read that.

My approach is, in essence: eat only real food, make half your plate plants, include raw and cooked, fermented and seasonal, land and sea, muscles and organs, and all five tastes; and minimise sitting in front of a screen while maximising sunny walks and sleeping in quiet, cool darkness. Only if you have done that for 6 months and still have trouble should you start paleohacking, GAPSing or otherwise "tweaking". And no, 10 "extra" pounds do not count as trouble.

See? So much time, so many blogs encompassing so many arguments, and I'm done in under 50 words.

Want more? If you think your sunny walks are dialled in, check out my new fave lady, Katy Bowman, and her exceptionally qualified views on natural movement and alignment, especially of the pelvis. She'll get you walking like a human. And it will probably hurt. You're welcome.


  1. There is also an article in this month's (March) Discover magazine about the whole Paleo lifestyle and what the 'experts' are really saying about each part. Interesting.

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  4. Hello Lauren: I read your direction for making homemade gelatin on Kitchen Stewardship & wonder if canning in a pressure cooker would negatively impact it, too high temperature? Thanks, Joan