Daybook 2011/12

You know how things kind of creep up on you, peeking from around unexpected corners until you realise you're surrounded and might as well surrender? Just me?

Well, from behind the sh*t zones around our house, peeking from under my sense of missing self-care despite consistently missing my bedtime in an effort to read myself back to sanity, rustling from the pantry while I'm trying to figure out what to eat, and giggling while I try to keep up the simplest of resolutions and a resonable frequency of blog posts, I am being stalked by the idea of a personalised daybook. The prospect of getting things out of my brain and onto paper, and the ability to not only breathe easier but also to see the patterns I'm sure are there, makes the planning and expense acceptable to me.

The timing of this ambush must not be random; back to school time is "home keeper New Years" and apparently primal reset time too. Maybe it's all the student planners and pads of crisp, white paper in the stores. Whatever the reason (his heart or his shoes...) I'm starting from this handy, wise and frugal example.

Wish me luck.

And check out those links; they're far more interesting than what I write here - because they're the background for what I write here - and they might send you off in fascinating directions of your own.

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