Better late than never

Why didn't this Wellness Mama post on going grain-free for Lent pop up in my feed 2 weeks ago when I needed it? Okay, I still need it. Maybe someone else does too, so instead of reinventing the blogwheel here is a rundown at Kitchen Stewardship on the main grain-free diets and some resources on implementing such a thing in your own kitchen, and an on-line course with Cheeseslave on how to live through the transition to eating that way. The navel-gazing is, in my case, needed right now, but there are other demands on my attention and they're not being met well as I get up to speed in the kitchen. Here's a course at Well Grounded Life that combines a kick-start body cleanse with a bit of priority coaching and household cleanse. For cheap and easy you can't beat Real Food Whole Health's giveaway of a 3 month subscription to grain-free meal plans from Health, Home and Happiness.

I'll be following some of those links down the web-surf rabbit hole (maybe tomorrow; it's late now, even for me) to shore up my Lenten forfeit. Besides which, I saw the naturopath today. He said that my liver, small intestine and stomach are lookin' good, but my large intestine and gall bladder are next in line and I still have fungus and parasite issues (TMI?). At least this time the pharmacy bill should only run about 100 euros, rather than the 260 plus initial visit fee it cost me last time, and it's 1 pill plus some drops for 4 weeks plus a parasite cleanse. After the personal pharmacy I was juggling last time around, this should be a piece of (grain- and dairy-free) cake.

I'd actually wondered about parasites. There's a blog in my reader list called something like "my battle with candida", in which the author mentions doing a cascade of cleanses from a particular company (which is prohibited from importing their wares to Germany). Their website points out that we are completely accostomed to de-worming our pets twice a year, but we never think to do it to ourselves. The credibility of the source is at best questionable, but the point seems valid. I'm not in the habit of rolling through cat poop or chewing muddy sticks, but a lot of the exposure risks are the same for Fido and me. My naturopath said it is known (should that be in quotes?) that parasites often congregate in the gallbladder, so let's see what this round of fun and games gets me.

Quite entirely separate from that jolly topic, I'd like to share one of today's happenings with you, or my later self. My child and I went into one of those cheapie shops with mostly clothing and some toys and housewares, all made with child labour in uncontrolled EPZs in the global south (yes, I'm aware of the karmic load that comes attached to every register receipt therefrom) because the short person needs new jeans and I was inspired by the blue sky and shirtsleeve weather to wonder just what I'm going to wear on our upcoming lakeside holiday. After pulling her head out from under the curtain to the neighbouring changeroom, I discovered that kid jeans #1 were miles too big. I parked her on the floor of our changeroom while I hurried 10 meters away to get a smaller size. With my back turned, I heard a small voice happily singing a song about ducks. My child was standing in the middle of the store, between the register and the fat lady neon bathing suits, holding two rubber duckie key chains she'd swiped from a low-lying display that was nowhere even near the changing area.

In her pink underpants. And nothing else.

I was laughing almost too hard to be embarrassed.

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