Chocolate banana brownie pie

I hope this is the last banana recipe for a while. I'm a little over bananas at this point, to be honest.

This dessert is also probably the banana-est of the recipes I've posted lately, in that the fruit is a dominant flavour here. One person I served this to considered it "borderline" for banana overload. You are warned.

That said, it's easy, legal on pretty much any but the most stringent diet, and looks good. I'll even give it to you in two versions - brownie, and pie. How's that for a finale?

5 ripe bananas
4 egg yolks (or was it 5?)
3 Tbsp cacao
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 c coconut oil, melted

Blend until perfectly smooth, and bake. Voila, everything-legal banana cake-style brownies. (At least I think they're GAPS legal. I'm sure someone will sort me out if I'm wrong!) In the interests of full disclosure I'll say that we didn't eat this. Not because it didn't look and smell delicious, but because I went on with the next steps.

If you want a pie, whip your meringue with a little sweetener until stiff peaks form and dollop it over the brownie, making sure it fully contacts the edges of the pie plate to form a seal. Bake again with top heat, fan optional, until beautifully browned.

I made this at the same time as the banana panna cotta and was in a hurry, so I neglected to let the base cool fully before applying the meringue. The result was that the underside of the whites liquified and soaked into the cake part. By the time we were ready to eat it, the brownie was no longer cakey but rather puddingish. At first I was really growly about neither of my desserts working out, but then I decided the pudding texture reminded me of banana cream pie (and we had the panna cotta and it was fine too) and I calmed down a bit.

A dessert sabbatical is in order now, I think. Next up, a nice filling soup for the early autumn days, and perhaps an account of my foray into recipe-free kimchi. Perhaps.

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