Fried Banana Fondue

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posting to bring you what some Paleo Hacks hack disparagingly referred  to as a "what I just ate for dinner" post. To be more accurate, this is a what we ate after dinner post, since no one in their right mind would feed a 2yo bananas and chocolate before getting something "real" into them, right? (I guess it depends on what kind of day it was. And this is super-delicious and home made. I promise not to judge.)

So, yeah; bone broth from ruminants will have to wait.


Stock: frugal delicious nutrition

Holy frugal delicious nutritiousness, Batman, it’s time to stock up!

This is a companion post to a guest post at Kitchen Stewardship. For instructions on how to make chicken stock from either raw ingredients or the carcass of a roasted bird, hop on over there and check it out. Don’t forget to read the comments; blog readers are clever people and I learn more in the comments of some posts than the text itself!

Fun Stuff About Diabetes

No, diabetes is NOT fun; I'm not suggesting it is. I had two family members with the disease, and now I have one. No, the other was not cured. However (how's THAT for a depressing blog intro!?) I am a geek, and I find facts that connect dots to be fun. So when I recently went googling about for academic articles on the science of diabetes, and came up with some results I hadn't expected, I was so excited I had to share. Perhaps you will be surprised too, and perhaps that will trigger some rabbit-hole reserach of your own. If so, let me know what you find! I'm always good for an "oooh! Cool!" when another tidbit falls into place and a picture grows more complete - or a whole new panel opens up.


Solitude and Obscurity

I was reminded of A Little Learning (is a Dangerous Thing) the other day, and went looking for the text.  Once located, I of course clicked around and refreshed my acquaintance with some of Pope's other famous work. I'm a linguaphile like that.  Anyhow, I was enjoying the zen-like effects of reading his Ode on Solitude until I got to the last stanza:


Recipe Roundup 5.11.11

Here's a reverse food blog carnival: all the tabs with recipes I've had open on my desktop for ages.


Day Book: Dailies Page

As a result of some chatting going on over at Steady Mom, I thought I'd put up a quick post with some specifics about the Dailies page of my day book. This is not about to win any prizes, but I hope it's a useful jumping-off point for someone who - like me - benefits from a visual representation of an organised day and week. Perhaps these things grow into a sense of an organised life, but I'm not there yet!